Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pushing for Prague

I recently logged onto Facebook to find that my friend in the Army stationed in Germany posted a status that read "taking a poll on where to travel next, austria, poland, or prague?" I thought this was a really creative idea on how to get his friends' perspectives on where to travel next! Of course I was an advocate for Prague because I want to know his opinion of the city i'll be calling home! There was quite a response for all three places but alittle, ok, well alot of persuasion made him finally go for Prague! He will be traveling there next week; I can't wait to here about his adventures! I will try and post some of his pictures and travel reviews on here once he returns for all to enjoy :-) I also linked him to one of the Prague nightlife Web sites that I had posted on here to give him a head start!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Whatever will I wear?

I decided to do some investigating on fashion in Prague after my last post and stumbled upon a website dedicated to shopping in Prague!
Within this article i've learned that it is best just to try everything on as the sizing does not always line up correctly at each store. It also mentions that clothing is made to fit a petite frame..I guess all of the rumors of people in Prague isn't so true after all!
Within the article a warning is expressed about the dangers of wearing high heels in a cobblestone city...I hadn't thought of that and seeing as I've taken spills on flat surfaces, a pair of flats might be in store for me!
According to Czech law you have 2 years to return a garment however the law is bent because the article expresses that it is really up to the manager if your return is accepted...all in all KEEP YOUR RECEIPT, just like here.
My favorite part of the article was the list of important terms it gives, i'll be printing these out right away, check them out at the bottom of the article! I'm also curious to find out different stores that locals shop out!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Heart of Europe

Not-so-typical things I learned about Prague today:

-you are supposed to wear something new on Easter
-their Valentines Day is on May 1st (on Petrin Hill)
-knife in right hand, fork in left ALWAYS
-the Czech Republic is called the Heart of Europe (how romantic!)

Good thing I read up on this because I'll be there for both Easter and May 1st! I also heard that they drink alot of beer, harvest the grape that makes the white zinfandel wine (yum!), have the hardest language to learn, it is typical for the man to open the door for the woman unless it is a restaurant, then the man enters first, and unless you request a pre-dinner drink the waiter/waitress will not bring drinks until after the meal...such a difference from the United States!

It looks like i'm all set with dining but what about fitting in fashionably? That's next because if it is as drastically different than dining is to the US then i've got alot to work on!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pompei in Prague

In Boston there is a restaurant called Cafe Pompei in the North End. It stays open until 3 am and as you can imagine its busiest hour is between 2 and 3. It is known for its late night guests and huge slices of pizza. Anyway, this is where everyone ends up on a friday or saturday night. This leads to thoughts of late night or 24 hour food restaurants in Prague (you know, to keep up the tradition!) A visitor of Prague once told me that restaurants do not stay open late which didn't make sense to me knowing that some bars and clubs do not close until 6am. I decided to take matters into my own hands and search for late eats in Prague. Low and behold there is a whole list of them! From tacos to chicken wings..and traditional Czech food! I know we'll be able to find our Pompei in Prague!


I am finally (after a month) understanding how works. I am following several Praue blogs and I never thought i'd be learning so much. I love reading about restaurants in Prague and Czech food ( http:// ) because it seems to be indescribable! And nightlife? That deserves a post of its own!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Prague is Everywhere!

Although I have never researched this, i've been told that Czech people are tall, blonde, and blue eyed. That means I only have one thing going for eyes. However, on Entourage (a show my dad thought it was necessary i watch for an episode) actually had a women from Prague on the show. Of course she was just an actress with a poor accent but she was a brunette, still tall though. But if she fits the bill of a Czech person then looks like I might not stand out as an american as much as I thought!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prague on the Amazing Race!

My mom sent me a text message saying tonights episode of the Amazing Race on CBS was in Prague [ ] . I turned it right on and got to see parts of the city that I knew i'd be living right near in January! I had seen photos of Prague but seeing it on film was even more realistic. Although seeing Prague on the Amazing Race was eye-opening I still feel like it hasn't hit me that i'll be living there in a few short months!